Eeze-the-squeeze finance

Buying a house is a trying time. Often there is not quite enough money at the time of settlement. Use our facility to pay your legal fees by instalments over 12 months.

Fees Finance

Why us?

You pay our $500.00 deposit/retainer in the usual way. On settlement/completion of the contract you sign a one page agreement that states:-

1. You will make 12 monthly payments by direct debit authorised from your account.

2. The amount of these payments is advised to you at the time and includes an interest rate at the same amount as credit cards and the filing fee on a caveat which is $136.30.

3. You authorise that the caveat be lodged if you fail to keep up the payments

4. As long as payments are made in time the caveat will not be registered

5. Once all the payments are made the caveat filing fee will be refunded

6. You can even finance your original deposit and get a refund of that too

How it works

As the matter nears completion you ask to finance the fees. We fax or e-mail or post you

(a) The simple loan agreement

(b) Caveat

(c) Direct debit form

is sent to you for signing along with a caveat for you consent. You sign these as instructed and return them to The Conveyancing Shop and the direct debit is put into effect by the lender.

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